August 3, 2021

Bromic: Australia's Top Gas Regulator Supplier

Bromic Plumbing & Gas has provided holistic support to the plumbing and gas industry since 1978. As such, it’s the brand tradies have grown to know and rely on, becoming ‘trusted by trade’

Reputable Brands

Bromic Plumbing & Gas is proud to deliver market-leading brands to suppliers for the Australian and New Zealand markets. Our products meet or exceed Australian standards, having gained multiple approvals, including AGA, UL144 and UL252.

When it comes to gas regulators for residential applications, the Cavagna brand is a tradie favourite. Synonymous with premium quality, Cavagna is trusted by the gas industry due to its unparalleled commitment to excellence. Cavagna Group’s mission is to anticipate, satisfy and exceed customer requirements via their expertise, knowledge and technology. This has grown the brand into a world-leading manufacturer of gas regulators.

On the commercial and industrial side, Kosan is a well-known and trusted brand. Its large capacity range offers the most comprehensive offering to the Australian market. Kosan gas regulators are trusted by trade as they’re compact in size, yet don’t compromise on quality. The Kosan Line range incorporates a specially formulated compound on the seat of the regulator to safeguard it against the effects of damaging substances. It also includes common mounting parts to ensure seamless interchangeability. This brand’s commitment to superior performance and unwavering reliability is just one of the reasons why it is trusted by trade.


Gas Regulator Variety and Installations

Gas regulators are needed for a range of appliances. Whether you need something for residential or commercial use, Bromic has a range of quality products on offer.

Natural or LPG: Bromic Plumbing & Gas stocks gas regulators in both natural gas and LPG.

Manual and automatic changeover options: Bromic offers gas regulators with both manual and automatic changeover options. Each product has their pros and cons, it just depends on what the customer values. For example, with a manual changeover, users will know when they have run out of gas and this might be something they value knowing. On the down side, you can run out of gas at inconvenient times, like midway through a hot shower or halfway through cooking dinner. Automatic changeovers are good to counter this, however, they should still be monitored regularly to ensure gas hasn’t run out in both cylinders.

Residential application: For residential installations, Bromic’s single or twin cylinder installation kits are best.

Commercial and industrial applications: For commercial or industrial installations, multi cylinder systems or tank installation is recommended.

Almost all applications are covered by Bromic’s gas regulator range. We have over 30 different LPG kit options, you can view them here.


Stockists Ready to Supply

Bromic’s products are distributed through a wide network of trusted retailers across Australia and New Zealand. Tradies looking to stock up on gas regulators should look to TradelinkReecePlumbing Plus and Samios. To make sure you’re leaving with the best quality products in your hands, remember to ask for Bromic!

When selecting the best gas regulator for the job, tradies can know that buying Bromic means they’re buying the best. Whether you need something for a residential bathroom or a commercial kitchen, Bromic has a quality gas regulator for the appliance you’re servicing. Head to one of our retailers and ask for Bromic.

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