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Soldering & Brazing FAQs

Which torch or torch kit should get?

Each torch is catered to different applications - you'll want to compare based on:

  • Flame Type - How do you plan to use your torch? Our range of torches can produce a variety of different-sized and shaped flames for your application
  • Fuel/Gas Type - How much heat do you need or what metals are you heating? Different gases produce different levels of heat. You'll need to select a torch that can be used with a gas type suitable for your needs
  • Handle Type and Length - A variety of handle types and torch lengths are available for ergonomic preference - including torches attached to a hose
  • Other features - Some torches include extra benefits such as interchangeable nozzles. Read our product specifications and descriptions to discover what makes each of our torches unique

Find out what flame and fuel type you'll need with our detailed comparison here

How do I dispose of gas cylinders other than LPG?

Empty disposable gas cylinders can be dropped off at your local hazardous waste facility which you can find on Recycling Near You (we recommend contacting to see if they accept your type of gas cylinder). Read our full gas cylinder disposable guide here

How does the Oxyset compare to oxy-acetylene brazing?

The Oxyset (1811167-2) can be used to braze copper pipes up to 1.5" (38mm) in diameter. Whilst oxy-acetylene produces a higher flame temperature, oxy-map produces a high flame temperature suitable for many brazing applications. Due to its compact size and weight, the Oxyset is an ideal companion for plumbers, gas-fitters and HVAC technicians.

With the Oxyset, how long does the Oxygen Cylinder run for?

As the highest-pressure disposable cylinder in the market, Bromic 1L Oxygen Disposable Cylinder provides more gas in a compact cylinder. When used with the Oxyset tip #1 and Map//Pro gas, the Bromic 1L Oxygen Disposable Cylinder allows roughly 45 minutes of run time. Actual consumption rates may differ depending on the user and settings.

Nozzle Supplied with
Oxyset 1811167-2
Oxygen (1L cylinder)Fuel Gas (400g cylinder)
#1160 g/h (45 mins)35 g/h (11.0 h)
#2260 g/h (30 mins)70 g/h (5.5 h)
#3 290 g/h (25 mins) 105 g/h (3.5 h)
#4380 g/h (20 mins)135 g/h (2.5 h)
#5535 g/h (15 mins)200 g/h (2.0 h)
Note: These figures are only intended for estimation purposes only. Last updated 01/2023

The OXYSET (1811167-2) is fuelled by a disposable oxygen cylinder (T-PED approval number 0036) and
a disposable MAP//Pro cylinder (complying with DOT39). We recommend using Bromic oxygen
cylinders (P/N 1811320) and BernzOmatic MAP//Pro cylinders (P/N 1811120).

What is the flame temperature of the Bromic Oxyset (1811167-2 and 1811168)?

The Oxyset uses a mixture of Map-Pro and oxygen gases. The ratio of the mixture affects the flame temperature, but when the ideal mixture occurs so that a blue flame is present the flame will have a temperature of up to 3000°C (5400°F).

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