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For connecting with LPG gas appliances and cylinders.

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Gas Hoses FAQs

Can I use a hose extension for gas outlets?

We do not recommend using hose extensions as adding an extra hose on the line will increase the chance of a leak and/or breakage. Instead, replace the hose with a longer hose. At Bromic, we supply gas hoses up to 3000mm in length.

What pressure and temperature can Bromic gas hoses can be used for?

Bromic gas hoses are categorised into Class A, Class B, Class C and Class D based on their maximum working pressure and temperature range below.

ClassTypical ApplicationMax. Working
Pressure @
23°C +/- 2°C
Temperature Range
ALow pressure
appliance hose
14 kPa-20°C to +65°C
BLow pressure,
high temperature
appliance hose
14 kPa-20°C to +125°C
CHigh pressure appliance
and gas tool hose
2600 kPa-20°C to +65°C
DHigh pressure, high
temperature appliance
and gas tool hose
2600 kPa-20°C to +125°C

What is the Type 27 (LCC27) thread connection and how does this affect Type 21 (POL)?

In Australia, the Type 21 (POL) connection has been superseded by the LCC27 (Type 27) connection. LCC27 is now the standard connection used for leisure gas cylinder valves. Over a 10-year period, LCC27 will be phased in as old gas cylinders get re-tested and changed over. Read more

How will the new LCC27 (Type 27) connection affect old gas appliances such as a BBQ or camping cooker?

If a customer purchases a new appliance with a new LCC27 hose connection, they will need to replace or swap their old LPG cylinder to a new one with an LCC27 (Type 27) valve. If a customer purchases a new cylinder with an LCC27 valve, they can still connect it with an LPG appliance (or hose assembly) that has the old POL connection as it is backwards compatible.

For more information on Australia's new standard LCC27 (Type 27) connection, read our full blog post here.

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Gas Hoses

AGA approved to AS/NZS 1869:2012, Bromic gas hoses are designed to suit LPG gas appliances and cylinders for low to high-pressure applications. Bromic gas hoses come in a variety of lengths, materials and connection types including bayonet and LCC27 (Type 27).

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