July 27, 2020

Torch & Fuel Selection Guide

At Bromic we have the widest range of trade focussed soldering & brazing products, and we know that selecting the best hand torch and fuel source for your project is important. You need to ensure you can work effectively and efficiently to complete your soldering, brazing or welding project. There are a variety of torches, torch kits and fuel options available and in this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide to selecting the correct fuel type and torch flame type for the job.

When considering the best heat torch and fuel for any trade project it is important to note the following:

  1. Various metals melt at varying temperatures as per the graph below
  2. Bromic Fuel types allow flames to achieve various temperatures based on fuel composition.
  3. Ambient (environmental) temperatures may affect the flame temperature
  4. Ensure you select the appropriate Bromic Fuel type for melting the metal used in your application


Graph depicting the melting points (°C) of metals used in soldering, welding and brazing applications. This graph covers the melting points of aluminium, brass, bronze, cast iron, chromium, cobalt, copper, gold, iron, lead, mercury, molybdenum, nickel, platinum, silver, carbon steel, stainless steel, tin, titanium, tungsten, vanadium and zinc.

The melting points (°C) of metals that may be used in soldering, welding and brazing applications.


Selecting the Right Fuel for Your Job

When selecting your Fuel, it is good to understand the different applications for each fuel source.

  • Electric: These soldering irons are great for light to heavy soldering, DIY jobs and electrical repair.
  • Butane: Well-suited for soldering electronic circuits, heat shrinking, cooking and jewellery design and repair.
  • Propane: Ideal for smaller soft soldering jobs, removing paint, caulk or putty and loosening rusted nuts and bolts.
  • MAP//Pro™: Designed for larger, hotter jobs such as soldering large-diameter copper pipe, brazing, or heat-treating. This fuel is ideal for plumbing, soldering & brazing as well as automotive repair and is ideal for professional tradespeople such as HVAC techs and plumbers.
  • Oxygen & MAP//Pro™: When oxygen is combined with Map-Pro, this combination of fuel sources are hot enough for brazing, light welding, hardening steel, and thin metal cutting and is ideal for professional tradespeople such as HVAC techs and plumbers.


Selecting the Best Flame Type for your Torch

The flame type is the size, shape and type of flame that the hand torch produces. Different flame types are suited to different applications. The type of flames we cover include:

  • Micro Flame
  • Pencil Flame
  • Webbed Flame
  • Jumbo / Jet Flame
  • Swirl Flame
  • Ultra Swirl Flame
  • MAP/Oxy Flame


Common torch flame types and sizes used in various heating applications. This includes the micro flame for small precision work - to the MAP/Oxy flame for professional high-heat applications.

Common torch flame types and sizes used in various heating applications. This includes the micro flame for small precision work – to the MAP/Oxy flame for professional high-heat applications.


Torch & Fuel Selection Guide

When selecting the flame type of your hand torch, we recommend the following:

STEP 1. Select your application
STEP 2. Match application to the corresponding fuel
STEP 3. Choose a flame type

In the table below we outline each of the fuel types and the recommended flame type for each application.

Table depicting how to select the right torch flame and fuel type based on the application. Butane gas is recommended for cooking, electronic soldering and heat shrink applications. Propane can be used for these applications as well as jewellery design and repair, soldering copper pipes, loosening rusted nuts and bolts, removing paint and lighting pilot lights. Professional users can use Map-Pro for high heat applications such as brazing and soldering copper pipes with a larger diameter. Map-Pro and Oxyset can be used together for speciality high-heat applications such as light welding and hardening steel. For small applications, a precise micro flame torch is recommended - whilst a torch with a wider flame is recommended for large, high-heat applications.

Use this table to determine the cylinder fuel type you’ll need as well as the type of flame that will suit your project.


Selecting the Hand Torch brand to use

At Bromic Plumbing & Gas we have a range of soldering, brazing, and welding hand torch brands to choose from.

Bernzomatic hand torches and fuel cylinders set the standard in safety, durability, and performance. Bernzomatic believes in providing the right tools and inspiration to take on projects and redefine what you can achieve with passion for craftsmanship and creation. Bernzomatic products have been manufactured in the US for over 140 years.

Sievert products represent the most advanced technology in heating tools and accessories. Sievert develop, manufacture, and supply innovative and premium quality tools and tool systems for all types of soldering and heating applications. This brand has been delivering Swedish design and quality for over 130 years.

Bromic offers a range of welding, cutting, plumbing & HVAC kits for professionals. Our innovative mobile brazing solution, Oxyset, is a lightweight portable system ideal for highly mobile tradespeople or for working in hard to access areas. Bromic has over 40 years’ experience in providing gas and water solutions for technicians.


Understanding the Applications

Here is a breakdown of the variety of applications where a quality hand or utility torch and the correct fuel type will mean you produce the best possible result.

  • Cooking: brûlée, browning, melting, toasting and other culinary uses
  • Automotive: loosen stubborn nuts and bolts, strip paint and thaw frozen locks
  • Soldering electronic circuits: joining the metal parts together by melting solder around the connection
  • Heat shrinking: using heat to shrink the plastic tubing to insulate wires and electrical connections
  • Jewellery design: heating the metal allows for easier shaping of the jewellery piece
  • Repairing jewellery: joining broken jewellery pieces together using the heat from the torch
  • Soldering silver
  • Soldering copper pipes: using the heat to connect two pieces of copper and make the joint watertight
  • Thawing frozen pipes and locks: by heating it until the mechanism works correctly
  • Loosening rusted nuts and bolts: heat it with a torch before cranking it with a wrench
  • Removing paint or paint stripping: use instead of a heat gun to warm up the paint to make it easier to remove
  • Removing caulk: soften the caulking with the heat to make it easier to remove
  • Removing putty: use the heat to soften the putty for easy removal
  • Lighting grills and fire pits: use the steady flame to get the fire started easier
  • Brazing copper pipes and steel: joining the metals together using heat at the joint
  • Hardening steel: using high temperature from the hand torch
  • Repairing garden tools: repairing broken metal joints
  • Light welding: using the heat to bend and shape the metals
  • Weed control: burn weeds growing in driveway cracks and between pavers
  • Waterproofing: ensuring the joint is watertight with the use of the hand torch and solder


With over 40-years’ experience, Bromic are experts in the manufacture and supply of quality gas and water products for technicians. Our range of hand torches, blow torches, soldering irons, welding and cutting kits and accessories makes Bromic the solution for your brazing and soldering needs. We have the widest range of trade focussed soldering & brazing products. Product design and quality are at the forefront of what we do, and our products are specifically engineered for trade environments. You can rely on the Bromic, Bernzomatic, Sievert and LA-CO brands to have the product solution you need to get the job done right making Bromic Plumbing & Gas proudly Trusted by Trade®.

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