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Sealants & Adhesives FAQs

What's the difference between a thread-sealing compound (thread pastes) and an anaerobic thread sealant?

Thread-sealing compounds are usually solvent-based and work by hardening as the solvent evaporates. As solvent-based thread-sealing compounds present a risk of shrinking and cracking over time, they are best for sealing threads in maintenance applications where a permanent rigid bond is not essential.

Anaerobic thread sealants are high-performance sealants that only cure when oxygen is expelled. Anaerobic thread sealants such as Loxeal 58-11 are ideal for sealing permanent fixtures in commercial applications.

When should I use a liquid thread sealant or thread sealing compound instead of thread seal tape?

A liquid thread sealant or thread-sealing compound is recommended when sealing larger-diameter pipelines. For high-strength sealing on permanent structures, it's important to use a high-performance thread sealant such as the Loxeal®58-11. The Loxeal®58-11 is not only AGA-approved for use with gas, it is also WaterMark-approved for use with potable water.

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Which thread sealant can be used on Natural Gas and LPG (propane) pipes?

SUPA-SEAL P.T.F.E Thread Seal Tapes, Loxeal Thread Sealants and LA-CO T-O-T and Slic-tite® Thread Sealing Compound can be used to seal pipes containing Natural Gas or LPG (propane).

What's the difference between Loxeal 58-11 and 18-10 Thread Sealant?

Whilst Loxeal 18-10 is designed for medium-pressure gas applications, Loxeal 58-11 is designed for high-pressure gas and water applications.

PropertiesLOXEAL 58-11
High-Pressure Thread Sealant
LOXEAL 18-10
Medium-Pressure Thread Sealant
Viscosity @ 25°C24,000 - 70,000 mPa.s (high thixotropy^)≈45000 mPa.s (Thixotropic^)
Density @ 25°C1.05 g/ml1.0 g/ml
Max Diameter of Thread / Gap Filling AbilityM 80 / 3°/ 0.50mmM 80 / 0.30mm
Flash Point>100°CApproximately 100°C
Solvent ContentNoneNone
Shelf Life @ 23°C2 Years2 Years
Temperature Range-10°C to +150°C-10°C to +150°C
AGA ApprovalAGA-5048AGA-5047
WaterMark ApprovalWM-040164None
Maximum Working Pressure2000 kPa500 kPa
Handling Cure Time15 to 30 minutes20 to 40 minutes
Functional Cure Time1 to 3 hours1 to 3 hours
Full Cure Time3 to 6 hours5 to 10 hours
Shear Strength6 to 13 N/mm24 to 6 N/mm2
Locking Torque
18 to 24 N m
7 to 14 N m
6 to 11 N m
2 to 5 N m
Elongation at BreakMore than 100%More than 100%

Data stated is as tested on Bolt M 10x20 – quality 8.8. – Nut h – 0.8d.

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Tap Grease

LOXEAL Silicone tap grease is a food machinery grade lubricant suitable for use with taps, plumbing fittings, tools, hinges and other general applications.

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