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What is a digital manometer used for?

A digital manometer is used to detect gas leaks and faults in air conditioning systems. It can also be used for monitoring and maintaining HVAC systems and gas pressure in piping and compressor systems. Read more

What is the difference between an analogue manometer and a digital manometer?

Unlike analogue manometers, digital manometers contain a pressure transducer that deflects under pressure. Digital manometers are more accurate than their analogue counterpart and are also easy to read.

The Bromic Manometer Kit provides additional features including:

  • Record function
  • Data hold
  • Large dual LCD with backlight
  • Max/Min/Avg value
  • Low battery indication
  • Auto power off
  • 11 different units of measure

What size test plug do I need?

To select the right test plug size you'll need to know the diameter and back pressure of the pipe. The back pressure can be calculated by determining the height of the water that accumulates from the centerline of the pipe.

Select a test plug based on the compatible pipe size diameter. Ensure that the back pressure of the pipe is less than the test plug's maximum back pressure (psi).

SKUInternal Pipe SizeCompatible Pipe Size (Internal Minimum)Compatible Pipe Size (External Diameter)Minimum Depth (inserted in pipe)Waterway DiameterMax. Back Pressure
868800040mm (1.5")38mm53mm31mm15mm30psi
868800150mm (2")50mm62mm32.7mm15mm30psi
868800265mm (2.5")62mm80mm33.2mm15mm30psi
868800375mm (3")73mm92mm34mm15mm20psi
8688004100mm (4")94mm110mm37.5mm15mm10psi
8688005150mm (6")147mm165mm39.7mm15mm10psi

When should I use a mechanical plug instead of a pneumatic plug?

Both pneumatic and mechanical test plugs can be used to test leaks and block off sections of pipelines. The benefit of pneumatic plugs is that they can be used for multiple purposes such as bypassing effluent that is running through a live pipeline. Mechanical plugs such as Bromic Test Plugs are usually recommended for long-term installations as they can fit tightly and create a seal.

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Test Plugs

Bromic test plugs are designed to test leaks and seal off sections of sewage, waste and stormwater pipelines. Available in various sizes from 40mm to 150mm.

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