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What are First Stage and Second Stage gas regulators used for?

First Stage and Second Stage gas regulators are used in domestic and commercial applications.

A first stage gas regulator is often connected to one or two gas cylinder/s with pigtail/s, taking the pressure from max. 1750kPa to approximately 70kPa. A second stage gas regulator is placed further along the gas line and takes the gas pressure from approximately 70kPa to 2.75kPa.

We recommend Kosan First Stage and Second Stage regulators for high-pressure and high-volume commercial applications.

Can Bromic, Kosan or Cavagna gas regulators be used indoors?

Only our appliance regulators are for indoor use. All other gas regulators are for outdoor use only.

What does the safety shut-off feature do on dual-stage regulators?

All Bromic and Cavagna dual-stage regulators comes with a patented safety shut-off feature.

The safety shut-off is a mechanism that will engage in the event of gas flow greater than 140% of rated flow (e.g. regulator diaphragm failure, equipment leakage downstream). This prevents any potential disasters and ensures safety at all times.

What's the difference between a manual changeover and an automatic changeover gas regulator?

Manual changeover and automatic changeover dual-stage gas regulators are used for multi-LPG cylinder setups.

Once one LPG cylinder runs out, an automatic changeover regulator will automatically switch from using one gas cylinder to another. For manual changeover regulators, the user will need to manually reset the valve after the first gas cylinder runs out.

Manual Changeover Gas Regulators

  • PRO: Less likely to end up with two empty gas cylinders
  • CON: Have to pause gas usage to manually go outside to switch the gas cylinder

Automatic Changeover Gas Regulators

  • PRO: Switches cylinder when 1 runs out, without having to pause gas usage
  • CON: Need to routinely inspect the gas regular indicator to ensure the gas bottles are not empty. This must be done up to every month, depending on gas usage

To suit your preferences, Bromic supplies both automatic and manual changeover gas regulators.

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Single Stage Gas Regulators

Bromic single-stage gas regulators are designed for applications when constant outlet pressure is not vital, where operation can be monitored and pressure adjusted, or where inlet pressure is stable. The range includes adjustable and non-adjustable LPG regulators.

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