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Can I use a Heat-Flo ™ Blow Heater with Natural Gas?

Heat-Flo ™ Blow Heaters can only be used with an LPG cylinder and can not be converted for use with Natural Gas.

Can you change or regulate the temperature on a Heat-Flo™ Blow Heater?

No. Each heater has a set gas input, so there is only 1 flame. If more or less heat is required, we have 4 different sizes available with different gas consumptions.

Which hose is supplied with a Heat-Flo ™ Blow Heater?

Each heater comes with a hose and regulator to connect to a 45kg cylinder. We do not provide any alternatives such as type 27, bayonet, or longer hoses.

Why do I have to connect my Heat-Flo™ Blow heater to a 45kg cylinder?

Our blow heaters have been tested and approved to the relevant AS/NZ standards using a 45kg cylinder. Due to compliance factors in place, we would request you follow the instructions mentioned in the manual.

How long will a Heat-Flo™ Tile Heater run on a 45kg LPG cylinder?

Heat-Flo™ Tile Heaters with more tiles generate more heat and therefore use more gas. Below are estimations on how long each heater runs for:

Heat-Flo 3 Tile Heat Deflector (2620162)90hrs
Heat-Flo 3 Tile Heater Surround (2620161)90hrs
Radiant Gas Heater Heat-Flo 3 Tile LPG (2620100-1)90hrs
Heat-Flo 5 Tile Heater Surround (2620172)50hrs

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Bromic’s Supaheat room heaters provide effective and efficient indoor heating for all types of spaces. With its attractive silver-grey finish, the Supaheat Room Heater utilises natural convection heating to warm your space within minutes. LPG and Natural Gas models are available.

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