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Can adaptors be used to connect cylinders with a POL connection to appliances with an LCC27 (Type 27) connection and vice versa?

Gas adaptors must NOT be used to connect an appliance with a new connection to a cylinder with an old POL valve as they give an additional leakage risk. The change between threads means that when tightening one side of the adaptor, the other end is at risk of creating a new leak.

If a customer purchases a new gas appliance with the LCC27 connection, they must replace or swap out their old LPG cylinder (with a POL valve) to one with a LCC27 connection.

For more information on Australia's new standard LCC27 (Type 27) connection, read our full blog post here.

What are gas adaptors used for?

Gas adaptors are used to connect hoses that have different connection types. Bromic gas adaptors are made from brass and are designed to withstand the rigours of use in many different applications.

What are test point gas adaptors used for?

When gas is supplied for the first time or by a new supplier, the gas supplier must ensure that a test point is located on or immediately downstream from the regulator. This should be used to test for leaks and to pressure test the system.

What thermocouples do Bromic have?

We have replacement thermocouples for Bromic appliances as well as a range of universal thermocouples with different hose lengths.

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