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What's the difference between a thread-sealing compound (thread pastes) and an anaerobic thread sealant?

Thread-sealing compounds are usually solvent-based and work by hardening as the solvent evaporates. As solvent-based thread-sealing compounds present a risk of shrinking and cracking over time, they are best for sealing threads in maintenance applications where a permanent rigid bond is not essential.

Anaerobic thread sealants are high-performance sealants that only cure when oxygen is expelled. Anaerobic thread sealants such as Loxeal 58-11 are ideal for sealing permanent fixtures in commercial applications.

When should I use a liquid thread sealant or thread sealing compound instead of thread seal tape?

A liquid thread sealant or thread-sealing compound is recommended when sealing larger-diameter pipelines. For high-strength sealing on permanent structures, it's important to use a high-performance thread sealant such as the Loxeal®58-11. The Loxeal®58-11 is not only AGA-approved for use with gas, it is also WaterMark-approved for use with potable water.

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Which thread sealant can be used on Natural Gas and LPG (propane) pipes?

SUPA-SEAL P.T.F.E Thread Seal Tapes, Loxeal Thread Sealants and LA-CO T-O-T and Slic-tite® Thread Sealing Compound can be used to seal pipes containing Natural Gas or LPG (propane).

What's the difference between Loxeal 58-11 and 18-10 Thread Sealant?

Whilst Loxeal 18-10 is designed for medium-pressure gas applications, Loxeal 58-11 is designed for high-pressure gas and water applications.

PropertiesLOXEAL 58-11
High-Pressure Thread Sealant
LOXEAL 18-10
Medium-Pressure Thread Sealant
Viscosity @ 25°C24,000 - 70,000 mPa.s (high thixotropy^)≈45000 mPa.s (Thixotropic^)
Density @ 25°C1.05 g/ml1.0 g/ml
Max Diameter of Thread / Gap Filling AbilityM 80 / 3°/ 0.50mmM 80 / 0.30mm
Flash Point>100°CApproximately 100°C
Solvent ContentNoneNone
Shelf Life @ 23°C2 Years2 Years
Temperature Range-10°C to +150°C-10°C to +150°C
AGA ApprovalAGA-5048AGA-5047
WaterMark ApprovalWM-040164None
Maximum Working Pressure2000 kPa500 kPa
Handling Cure Time15 to 30 minutes20 to 40 minutes
Functional Cure Time1 to 3 hours1 to 3 hours
Full Cure Time3 to 6 hours5 to 10 hours
Shear Strength6 to 13 N/mm24 to 6 N/mm2
Locking Torque
18 to 24 N m
7 to 14 N m
6 to 11 N m
2 to 5 N m
Elongation at BreakMore than 100%More than 100%

Data stated is as tested on Bolt M 10x20 – quality 8.8. – Nut h – 0.8d.

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Thread Seal Tapes

Our thread-sealing PTFE tape is designed to be used on pipe threads to prevent leaks and seal joints, for gas and water pipelines. Our plumber’s tape is able to withstand most harsh chemicals, acids, bases and solvents. It is also resistant to corrosion and is non-flammable, making it ideal for use in harsh environments.

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