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Available in versatile configurations to fulfil the needs of rainwater harvesting systems.


How do I choose a water pump for my rainwater tank?

There are a few factors to consider when choosing a water pump for rainwater harvesting:

  • The type of pump (submersible or jet pump)
  • Required flow rate
  • Required head
  • Required pressure. Pressure for water can be calculated using P(kPa)=9.81xhead(m)

Contact your local plumber to size up correctly for each individual application.

How does an electric jet pump work?

Jet pumps, also known as "pressure pumps" are water pumps that contains and drives an impeller/centrifugal pump. The impeller moves water, through the Jet Pump and increases the pressure of the water, to assist in areas where high suction lift is required (e.g. double storey homes)

Should I install a jet pump below or above the tank?

For water tanks including rainwater harvesting systems, Bromic Waterboy™ jet pumps can be installed below or above the tank.

Installing a water pump below the tank aids the water flow and hence has minimal installation requirements. If a Bromic Waterboy™ jet pump is installed above the tank, it should have a foot valve (not supplied by Bromic) installed at the bottom of the pipe in the rainwater tank. This is to prevent water from flowing back down to the tank.

What can Bromic Waterboy™ jet pumps be used for?

Bromic Waterboy™ jet pumps can be used for various applications.

This includes:

  • Residential wells
  • Aquariums
  • Garden irrigation
  • Domestic and commercial properties
  • Water tanks
  • Draining sump or well
  • Lifting or elevating liquids
  • Aeration or agitation
  • Boosting suction pressure to a centrifugal pump
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Pump & Controller Kits

Waterboy™ pump and controller kits offer a complete solution to rainwater harvesting and management, with the ability to automatically switch between mains water and rainwater water tanks for low-maintenance operation.

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