February 2, 2024

Rain to Mains Changeover Valves

A Rain to Mains Valve is a device that allows you to switch between rainwater and mains water supply. It is a useful addition to your rainwater harvesting system. In this article, we will discuss what Rain to Mains Valve is, how it works, and the benefits of using it.

Rain to Mains Changeover Valves

A Rain to Mains changeover valve is a mechanical device that helps tank-owners make the most effective use of their tank water or rainwater tank. By connecting to a pump controller or a pump setup, a Rains to Mains changeover valve can automatically switch to using mains water supply when the tank water is low or empty. This allows the use of stored rainwater in household applications such as toilets, laundry, and gardens.

How it works

A Rains to Mains changeover valve connects the pipes from rainwater and mains water to a pump pressure controller (or water pump setup). The valve works by automatically detecting the water level in your tank and switching between the two water sources.

  • When there is rainwater available in your tank, the valve will direct the water from the rainwater tank to the tank-owners home or irrigation system
  • When the water level in your tank is low, the valve will automatically switch to the mains water supply.

This ensures that the owner will always have a steady supply of water for their needs while making the most efficient use of their rainwater supply.

Flow diagram of how a rain to mains changeover valve would be used in a rainwater tank system

Benefits of Rain to Main Changeover Valves

A Rains to Mains changeover valve offers many benefits:

Cost savings: Using rainwater instead of mains water can help you save money on your water bill. Automatic switches can provide water savings of up to 40%

Efficient water usage: Rain to Mains Changeover valves make more efficient use of water in your tank, allowing you to collect more water when it next rains

Reliable water supply: A Rain to Mains Changeover valve ensures that your home always has water available by using rainwater for your toilets and outdoor water use. The water switch reduces the demand on water mains until your rainwater tank doesn’t have water to supply

Changeover Valves OR Controllers?

When compared to other pump changeover controllers, a high-quality Rains to Mains changeover valve offers an advantage – it has no electrical components. As a hydraulic system, a changeover valve can be more reliable than an electrically-operated water changeover controller. A high-quality valve can offer a much more robust brass construction that can withstand harsh weather. A changeover valve such as the Waterboy Hydro Switch™ meets the NCC Lead Free requirements and offers a simple installation process for plumbers and installers.

Waterboy Hydro SwitchTM

The new Waterboy Hydro Switch™ is an economic & efficient automatic changeover valve to enable the use of stored rainwater in household applications such as toilets, laundry, and gardens. It is ideal for use in domestic and commercial applications with pumps fitted with an auto-restart pressure controller – such as Waterboy 40L and 60L Jet Pump & Controller Kits.

Where to buy WaterboyTM Pumps

Bromic Waterboy™ offers pump system solutions for rainwater harvesting including submersible pumps and external pump options to fulfil the needs of all rainwater harvesting systems, big or small. Waterboy pumps, controllers and accessories can an be purchased at a number of stores across Australia and New Zealand.

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Enquire with your local supply store to check for what is in stock. Last update Feb 2024

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