November 25, 2021

A Bernzomatic Fathers Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is coming up, which means it’s almost time to say “thanks” to your Dad for everything he has done with and for you over the years. Father’s Day is an excuse to spoil him with thoughtful gifts that he otherwise might not indulge in. There’s plenty of Father’s Day gift options out there, but it can be hard to move past the socks, ties, beer and other traditional knick-knacks. Why not get him the perfect gift to keep on hand, a good torch … but which one? Bernzomatic makes so many.

Nobody knows your Dad like you do. Think about the time you spend together, what he enjoys doing when he is in the zone, and you’ll know which kind of Dad you have. Once you know that, picking the right torch is easy.


Is your Dad the guy who always wants more power and more speed chasing the biggest, fastest, and best gear? Then the Bernzomatic TS8000 torch kit is the perfect choice for him. Powered by either MAP-PRO gas or propane, the TS8000 delivers the best performance, exactly what your Dad is looking for.

With a continuous flame lock and pressure regulator, the TS8000 torch is ideal for a variety of projects including brazing, metalworking, soldering, woodworking, and even cooking. With it’s high-intensity trigger start torch, the project possibilities are endless!



Maybe you’ve got the Dad that takes it easy, who doesn’t need the biggest or greatest and understands that plain and simple is often the best. If that sounds like your Dad, then the Bernzomatic WK2301TK is the kit for him. For use with Propane, this torch is down-sized to fit easily in a backpack, a tackle box, or an emergency kit – making it ideal for taking on camping & RV trips with the family.

This nifty torch has a versatile webbed flame, ideal for a variety of household projects including light soldering, thawing, melting and heating. With a trigger start ignition, it’s simple and reliable.



If your dad is the “go-to” guy for any project around the home or at a campsite, then he needs all-around tools. That’s the Bernzomatic TS4000 torch! Powered by MAP-PRO or Propane, this versatile high heat torch will have Dad checking off the projects on his to do list one after another … and then moving on to spend more time with you!

The option of instant on/off trigger makes one-hand ignition quick and easy, while using the continuous run-lock button enables extended use for longer jobs. This handy torch is a great addition to any Dad’s toolbox, and will be sure to impress that ‘all around’ Dad on Father’s Day.



Got a Dad who is loves to get his creative juices flowing? Perhaps he’s crafty at creating gifts himself? Well then the Bernzomatic ST1000 Cordless Soldering Iron Kit is for him! Designed for precision work, this kit will allow Dad to work on many creative projects including detailed electrical soldering, jewelry repair, craft projects and heat shrinking wire.

Powered by butane, this kit includes ST1000 Micro Torch with seven interchangeable settings, a cleaning sponge, 0.6 oz. electrical solder and storage case. The torch is refillable for convenience, so Dad can craft to his hearts desire.



Does your Dad consider himself the household handyman? Does he like to have a go at all the odd jobs around the house…? If so then the TS3500 Bernzomatic Multi-Purpose Torch is for him. For use with propane, it has an ergonomic grip with a hassle-free trigger start and a webbed flame with adjustable control.

This torch works best for regular household repairs such as removing rusty bolts and thawing frozen locks. It’s also great for woodworking, and lighting grills or smokers! Its handy for any Dad to have around the home, so he can keep his title of ‘handyman of the house’ intact.


Whatever your Dad is into, you will find a Bernzomatic torch to suit his needs and put a smile on his face this Father’s Day. Bernzomatic is distributed in Australia by Bromic Plumbing & Gas and is available from leading hardware retailers including Total Tools, Sydney Tools, Gasweld, Trade Tools and more.

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