November 2, 2020

The Best Gas Hoses in Australia

Bromic Plumbing & Gas have unmatched expertise when it comes to the manufacture of Australian gas hoses. With over 40 years’ experience, we draw upon a pool of technically talented engineers to deliver innovative quality gas hoses to market. In this article we will cover off gas hose applications, uses, gas connection classes and more about our Australian based gas hose manufacturing.

Australian Based Gas Hose Manufacturing

With quality that is designed with trade users in mind, the range of gas hoses on offer from Bromic covers gas & water system technicians, plumbers, HVAC and gas fitters’ requirements as well as the requirements of homeowners and caravan, camper and RV users. We design and engineer our own gas hose solutions and supply the very best product. Our engineering teams have been recognised worldwide and we work with some of the worlds most advanced manufacturing facilities including our own production based in a purpose-built facility in Sydney, NSW. Our hoses offer reliability and affordability, with all Bromic gas hoses having the Australian Gas Association (AGA) approval. Each product has passed demanding quality assurance testing to maintain the stringent standards that position Bromic Plumbing & Gas as the only name truly Trusted by TradeTM.

Gas Hose Applications

Our wealth of industry experience means we understand all the various needs our users have for gas hoses. Whether they are looking for a gas hose for a BBQ, a gas hose extension for a heater, a gas hose for caravan cookers or more our extensive range has a gas hose solution to suit the customer needs.

We offer hundreds of Gas Hoses for various applications which include:

  • BBQ hoses
  • Gas connection hoses
  • Gas adaptor hoses
  • Cooker and oven hoses
  • Gas cylinder hoses
  • Gas heater hoses
  • Camping hoses
  • Industrial gas hoses


Gas Hose Connections

Gas hose connections are designated by the following codes:

  • FF Female Flare
  • FC Female Cone (inverted flare)
  • LHF Left Hand Female
  • M Male
  • MF Male Flare
  • MU Male Union

At Bromic we offer gas hose fittings to suit all the applications listed above.

Gas Hose Uses

BBQ hoses
A gas hose for BBQ is designed to connect your gas source to your outdoor cooking appliance, such as a gas cooker, gas stove or BBQ.

Gas Connection & Adaptor hoses
Quite often there is a requirement to use hoses or adapters for unique installations and our wide range of gas connection hoses and adapters can ensure most applications have solutions available.

Cooker and oven hoses
Gas hoses for ovens and gas hoses for cookers serve to connect the appliance, usually a caravan gas cooker, camp stove or oven to the portable gas source.

Gas Cylinder hoses
Hoses to connect an LPG gas bottle or gas cylinder via a regulator to a dwelling.

Gas heater hoses
Both LPG and Natural Gas heaters can require a gas heater hose to connect the gas source to the appliance.

Camping hoses
Gas hoses for use with various camping related gas appliances such as gas camp cookers.

Industrial gas hoses
A range of gas hoses for use in commercial and industrial applications by professionals.

Gas Hose Connection Classes

Bromic Gas Hoses are manufactured to the following hose classes according to Australian Standard AS1869:

The maximum working pressure and temperature range of gas hoses by class. This table covers gas hoses from Class A through to D.


Gas Hose Class A 

    • Low pressure and low temperature hose type
    • Maximum working pressure: 7 kPa
    • Working temperature range: -20°C to +65 °C
    • Only found in 10mm PVC

Gas Hose Class B 

    • Low pressure and high temperature hose type
    • Maximum working pressure: 14 kPa
    • Working temperature range: -20°C to +125 °C
    • Only found in 10mm, 19mm, 25mm stainless steel braid

Gas Hose Class C

    • High pressure and low-temperature hose type
    • Maximum working pressure: 2600 kPa
    • Working temperature range: -20°C to +65 °C
    • Only found in 6mm PVC black, 6mm PVC orange, 6mm stainless steel braid, 6mm rubber black

Gas Hose Class D

    • High pressure and high-temperature hose type
    • Maximum working pressure: 2600 kPa
    • Working temperature range: -20°C to +125 °C
    • Only found in 10mm stainless steel braid


Gas Hose Assemblies

All Bromic gas hose assemblies are approved AS/NZS 1869 however the maximum length of hose that can be installed is determined by the following standards.

  • AS NZS 1596The storage and handling of LP Gas
  • AS NZS 5601.1 Gas installations
  • AS NZS 5601.2 Gas installation Caravan and boats
  • AS 2658 LP Gas – Portable and mobile appliances


Gas Hose Materials

PVC Gas Hoses
gas hoses are manufactured with high quality brass fittings and a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or black rubber finish.

Stainless Steel Braided Gas Hoses
Stainless steel braided gas hoses are manufactured with a high quality braid, providing extensive durability.

Important: Gas hoses must be installed by licensed technicians only and are not DIY products.


About Bromic Gas Hoses

Bromic gas hoses are available in a range of materials including high-quality PVC, braided stainless steel, flexible rubber or stainless steel braided pigtails. Customers can select from a variety of industry standard hose connections. Our gas hoses are available in standard lengths ranging from 200mm upto 3000mm, we are also able to accommodate custom sizes to order. View our range of gas hoses online or contact the team to discuss your next project.

Bromic Gas Hoses

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