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Loxeal Silicone Tap Grease

LOXEAL Silicone tap grease is a food machinery grade lubricant suitable for use with taps, plumbing fittings, tools, hinges and other general applications.

It combines the slip properties of silicone with the lubricating power of PTFE.

Suitable for metal/plastic, metal/rubber, plastic/plastic and in some cases metal/metal combinations (not subjected to heavy loads). It is not toxic, odourless and tasteless, it is allowed for use with potable water. It is not flammable and has good electrical insulation properties. It is strongly water-repellent and not easily removable from surfaces immersed in water. It does not allow growth of fungus and moulds even in high humidity and high temperature conditions.


Easy-application spout
No-waste resealable tube
High viscosity, corrosion inhibitor
Strongly repels water and cannot be easily removed from surfaces immersed in water
Fungus and moulds inhibitor
Made in Italy


Product Number


Density @ 25°C

1.0 g/ml

Flash Point


Solvent Content


Shelf Life @ 23°C

>10 years

Temperature Range

-40°C to +200°C


Silicone and P.T.F.E.


Lubricant for taps, plumbing fittings, tools, hinges & other general applications


Compliant NSF(Lubricant withincidental food contact)

Weight (kg)




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Loxeal Silicone Tap Grease – SDS

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Loxeal Silicone Tap Grease – SDS

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