May 1, 2023

Under Sink Water Heaters - 7 Things You Should Know Before Buying

Hot water is not only for washing hands, and having access to a ready supply exactly where you need it cannot be underestimated. From washing dishes and degreasing engine parts to cooking away from the kitchen, caring for pets, and pain relief, hot water is a must-have in so many different situations.


The Benefits of an Under-Sink Hot Water System

Also known as a point-of-use hot water system, under-sink hot water units are incredibly versatile and compact way to get hot water quickly at point-of-use. 

  • Efficiency – Having the hot water unit close to the point of outlet means hot water is delivered quickly, saving water and in turn, money.
  • Rapid heating time – A small under-sink hot water system will be full and ready to go in a shorter time than a larger system located elsewhere.
  • Compact design – compact storage hot water unit permits installation in tight spaces. Thanks to its size, it can be installed under the sink – eliminating visibility.
  • Versatile applications – Ideal for a wide array of uses in homes, workshops, recreational vehicles and commercial premises.
  • Adjustable temperature – Water temperature can be adjusted to address safety concerns such as use by small children. 


Best Locations for Under-Sink Hot Water

When you need hot water ‘on tap’, the last thing you need is to waste litres of water waiting for it to warm up. Installing an under-sink or over-sink hot water unit provides a practical solution, one that can be deployed in multiple situations, at home, in the workplace and even on the road.

In the Home Commercial & Industrial Hospitality Mobile 
• Secondary kitchen
• Granny flat
• Pool house/cabana
Wet bar
• Outdoor entertaining area
• Hobby room
• Workshop kitchen
• Office kitchen
• Doctors’ rooms
• Treatment rooms
• Nail salons
• Factory handwashing facilities
• Tea/coffee facilities
• In-room mini-bar
• Handwashing sink in restaurant
• Food prep areas
• Guest BBQ areas
• Caravans
• Boats
• RVs
• Campervans
• Mobile food trucks
• Mobile pet grooming vans
• Mobile car detailing operators

The availability of hot water in a cold-temperature environment such as a petrol station bathroom in the middle of Winter is a surefire way to delight customers. 


Selecting an Under-Sink Hot Water Unit

Before you purchase an electric hot water unit under the sink, it’s important to be mindful of a few important considerations. Here are 7 things you need to know:

#1: Heating Capacity

Up to how much water do I need at a given time? Under sink storage hot water units store a certain amount of water. Consider the application of use, how many people will use the outlet and how much water is needed at a given timeIf you need hot water for light applications such as at the bathroom sink – a 5L capacity hot water unit may be suitable. If you require hot water for the shower, you may want to consider a larger hot water unit with a higher capacity, such as the Bromic HF-318 3-phase instantaneous electric water heater.

#2: Energy Consumption

How energy efficient is the unit? Energy efficiency is important to consider for the environment and for your wallet in the long runThe Bromic HF-UH5 boasts very low energy losses and as it is designed for quick and easy access to hot water, water waste is minimised.

#3: Space

How much space will be needed? Water storage tanks can come in all sorts of sizes. You’ll need to make sure that there’s enough space to install the unit and have enough clearance around it so that there is adequate ventilation as well as access for any maintenance or temperature adjustments that may be required in future. Compact storage water heaters can be discretely installed in a cabinet under the sink.

#4: Electric or Gas

Which one should you choose? Gas heaters are often more energy efficient, costing you less in the long run. However, you may have a sink or a basin that is not connected to the main hot water system. For these places, you’ll want to add a pointofuse hot water tank so you can access hot water anywhere in the home. 

#5: Tap

Do I have the right tapware for the under-sink hot water system? If you’ve chosen a hot water unit for use under the sink, some models will require installing a vented tap.

#6: Power Source

Do I have an available outlet at home? The Australian standard power outlet electricity runs on 220-240 V and 50 Hz. If your hot water unit requires a single 240V power point, you’ll need to have an outlet available at home to connect with.

#7: Connection

Is there an appropriate plumbing connection in place? Make sure there is a standard water connection available, with Cold = G 1/2” Male / Hot = G 1/2” Male configuration. 


Can an under-sink hot water unit be used with a circulation pump or another hot water unit?

If you already have a circulation pump or other hot water unit installed in the building – you may be questioning whether an additional under-sink hot water unit is necessary. It all depends on the location and type of hot water unit that has been installed in your building.  

If you already have a traditional hot water tank, you may still find that it won’t provide you with quick hot water to all your taps if the distance between the tank is far – or it’ll run out of hot water quickly if the tank is too small to serve all areas/taps. Installing a hot water unit at the needed area (I.e. kitchen or bathroom) can ensure fast delivery of hot water at those locations.

On the other hand, your building may also have a hot water circulation pump installed. Circulation pumps recirculate hot water in a water system to provide hot water at the tap faster. However, depending on the location of the circulation pump, you may still have to wait to get hot water at the tap. Likewise, installing a compact hot water unit at the point of use can be a great solution to providing quick hot water at the needed area.


Bromic’s HF-UH5 Under Sink Electric Hot Water

If you’re looking for a hot water solution that’s super compact, easy to install and long-lasting – you may want to consider Bromic’s Under-Sink 5L Compact Storage Electric Water Heaters. These heaters are ideal for installation under a sink in a laundry, bathroom or kitchen. 

  • Super Compact Size  Suitable for the tightest of spaces including under-bench and over-bench
  • Quick Heating Time – Heats in just 5 and a half minutes at 30’c temperature rise
  • Energy Efficient – Because the hot water unit heats 5L at a time, it’s more energy and cost-efficient to run
  • Quality Construction – With a corrosion-resistant stainless steel tank, you won’t need to change the anode regularly. 
  • Adjustable TemperatureThe hot water temperature can be conveniently adjusted from 23° – 70° as required.

As leaders in the expertise and supply of plumbing and gas products in Australia for more than forty-five years, Bromic is the brand that consumers and trades turn to with confidence. We only allow our name to be displayed on products that we know are durable, reliable and safe, and our customers know that we will always uphold our quality promise. 


The features and benefits of Bromic 5L COMPACT STORAGE ELECTRIC WATER HEATER, UNDER SINK (SKU: 2850001).

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