March 4, 2021

Sievert Torches: All You Need To Know

The Sievert range of heating tools is designed for professionals. The top of the line torch and burner systems offer advanced design, comfort and durability. Their powerful soldering, brazing and heating solutions are available in premade kits or you can assemble a kit to suit your needs. In this article we will cover the three Sievert handle systems, their different burner options as well as regulator and hose options.

Sievert is a professional choice when it comes to heating tools. Specialising in high-quality tools, Sievert solutions include tools for soldering, brazing and heating tasks. Their torches, burners, attachments and kits are top-of-the-line and are trusted by tradesmen in more than 50 countries around the world.

Type of Jobs

The Sievert range of torch systems is ideal for the following types of work:

  • Precision work
  • Soldering
  • Brazing
  • Heating
  • Shrinking
  • Waterproofing
  • Welding
  • Paint stripping

Sievert Kits

You can select from a range of premade kits which come with a handle, burner attachments, regulator and hose in a convenient case or simply select the components best suited to your work and assemble your own Sievert torch kit.

The Sievert professional heating range includes 3 handles:

  • Sievert Promatic
  • Sievert Pro 86
  • Sievert Pro 88

You need to select the preferred torch handle first. This will allow you to browse through the available burners for that torch and bring together the perfect kit for the job.

Sievert Torch Systems

Sievert Promatic | Universal Torch System

The Promatic is a top-of-the-line torch system that operates with propane. It is the most complete and advanced system in the Sievert range. The patented piezoelectric ignition, universal handle, range of accessories, advanced design and ergonomic appearance make Promatic a world-leading system for all possible heating tasks where efficiency and professional workmanship are paramount.

The Promatic features a plastic composite handle reinforced with 30% glass fibres for maximum durability. The double moulded soft grip delivers the highest comfort and usability. The piezo ignition comes with an instant trigger on/off function. It includes a bayonet fitting for burners, a swivelling hose connection to avoid hose drag, valve for precise flame setting and combined suspension hook and footstand.

Sievert Pro 86 | Classic Torch System

The Pro 86 series meets high criteria for carrying out professional heating tasks. Whether soldering, paint stripping, shrinking or performing gold/silversmith’s work, the high quality combined with convenience and a comprehensive range of accessories makes the Pro series a versatile tool for the demanding craftsman.

The Pro 86 ergonomically designed plastic composite handle features a single valved handle mainly for smaller burners. The spindle and valve are designed to give an exact and quick flame setting. The spring-loaded metal knob gives a precise, stable setting for the finest of flames. All metal parts are made of high-quality brass. The handle has a double moulded soft grip for the highest comfort and usability.

Sievert Pro 88 | Heavy Duty Torch System

The Pro 88 series is used all over the world by professional roofers and waterproofing specialists. With a complete power burner programme, including Titanium torches, the Pro 88 is the ultimate torch system for heavy-duty works. The Pro 88 series operates with propane.

The Pro 88 double-valved handle is ideal for larger burners. The ergonomically designed plastic composite handle features a double moulded soft grip for added comfort and increased usability. This handle incorporates one main valve and one economizer valve, enabling a gas saving pilot flame. The trigger allows for instant shifting between pilot and main flame and for pulsing the main flame. All metal parts made of high-quality brass.

Sievert Burner Options

Sievert Promatic | Burners

Standard Burners – With brush-type flames for all kinds of soft soldering and small heating applications.

Soft Flame Burners – The sweeping, powerful yellow and blue soot-free windproof flame makes these ideal for cable work and other heat-shrinking applications

Cyclone Burners – The rotating flame gives an even all-round heat transfer making it the most efficient burner for brazing and soft soldering.

Pin-Point Burners – With the finest flame for precision work including gold and silver forging.

Hot Air Burners – With powerful windproof hot air streams for heat shrinking, including an option ideal for use in confined spaces and fibre optic closures. Includes special burners for heating PVC and other rubber membranes, and a special burner for electronics.

Paint Stripping Burner – A flat flame burner with powerful wide flame for efficient use outdoors for paint stripping and ski-waxing.

Soldering Burners – Ideal for signal systems, traffic lights, alarm systems, marine applications, automobiles and other vehicle repairs with encased and windproof flame.

Power Burners – High capacity long power burners with extremely strong and windproof flames for roofing works and large scale hearing applications, and for field torching.

Detail Power Burners – Short burners for detail work on roofs and other heating applications such as preheating before welding and shrinking on pipelines.


Sievert Pro 86 | Burner Options

Pro Shorter Neck Tubes – Smaller neck tubes made of high quality brass, ideal for smaller heating applications such as gold and silver forging.

Pro Soft Flame Burners – This design is ideal for cable work and other heat shrinking applications. Soft flame burners with sweeping, powerful yellow and blue soot-free windproof flames.

Pro Pin-Point Burners – With the finest flames for precision work including silver and gold forging.

Pro Series Burners – Standard burners with a brush-type flame for many kinds of small heating applications and soft soldering.

Pro Cyclone Burners – The most efficient burner for brazing and soft soldering. The rotating flame delivers an even, all round heat transfer to the pipe.


Sievert Pro 88 | Burner Options

Pro Series Power Burners – Heavy-duty light weight power burners with extremely strong, windproof flames to withstand the severest weather conditions. Ideal for drying, bitumen laying, detail and field torching, preheating before welding, melting snow/ice and other heat-demanding applications. Brass and Stainless Steel burner options available.

Pro Longer Neck Tubes – Longer neck tubes made of high quality brass, recommended for larger jobs like roofing and road-work.

Titanium Pro Power Burner Kits – Featuring a range of neck tube lengths and burner widths for quick connection to the Pro 88 handle.

Sievert Gas Regulators

Why use a regulator?

Certain Pro 86/88 burners, such as cyclone burners and most Promatic burners, require a steady pressure of 2 bar to ensure best performance. Other burners can also operate under high pressure, but it is an advantage to be able to stabilise and obtain the same pressure on both warm and cold days. The pressure in an LP-gas cylinder varies with temperature.

For example: if the gas output is high, the gas cylinder will be cooled down and the pressure will drop.

Why use a hose failure valve?

A hose failure valve improves safety by cutting off gas flow in case of a hose rupture or gas leak. The hose connection rotates freely on the valve housing, which helps prevent the hose from becoming tangled. Sievert hose failure valves are supplied integrated in regulators, with Fixed Pressure 2 Bar or Adjustable 1-4 bar options.

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