April 22, 2020

5 Benefits of having an Indoor Gas Heater

Gas Heaters have a number of benefits including being energy efficient, a reliable source of heat and having low ongoing running costs. With the option of Natural Gas heaters or portable LPG Heaters, there are many advantages to using gas to heat your home. With heating accounting for up to 40% of your power bill+ there is no better time than now to discover the benefits of Gas heating. In this article we outline 5 of the key reasons you should choose an Indoor Gas Heater for your home.

1# Gas Heaters are Cost-effective

An indoor gas heater will typically be cheaper to run than an electric heater. Since gas heating produces more heat output than an electric heater, it will heat your space quicker and use much less energy. Gas is also a low cost, convenient fuel, meaning the operating costs of a gas heater are generally lower and more affordable than pulling energy from the electricity grid. If you plan on leaving a heater on all day, a gas heater may be cheaper to run^. The savings will vary depending on fuel costs, local climate and other factors in your home.

#2 Gas Heating is Environmentally Friendly

A Natural Gas Indoor heater will be more energy efficient than an electric heater, generally with a higher efficiency star rating. Gas fired appliances are proven contributors to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, with natural gas offering a low-emission alternative to electricity generated from coal. Electricity consumes a higher amount of energy, so using natural gas appliances for your heating (plus hot water and cooking) is more efficient, with emissions 83% lower than brown coal. (Source: Dept of Environmental Natural Greenhouse Accounts Factors Aug 2015).

#3 Gas Provides a Reliable Source of Heat

When it comes to using gas for your indoor heater you can expect a reliable heat source. With gas heating you won’t be at the mercy of power surges or power outages, and your heater will continue to effectively and efficiently heat your space. Gas heaters will heat up a space quicker than an electric option, meaning you won’t have to suffer through the cold while you wait for your heat from your heater to reach you in the space.

#4 Gas Heaters are Great for Modern Homes

Gas heat is the go-to option for heating large spaces. The higher heat output means an indoor gas heater will be more effective in heating a bigger room, quickly and efficiently. Many modern homes feature an open plan living space, which is better suited to a gas heating solution. The way modern families live in their homes lends itself easily to the warmth only a gas heater can provide.

#5 There are Many Ways to Heat Your Home with Gas

When choosing to heat your home with gas, you will use either Natural Gas or LPG. Depending on how your gas source is connected to your home, the style of heaters available provide a range of choices for your space. Select from space heaters, wall furnace heaters, portable gas heaters, gas fireplaces and more.

Types of Gas

Natural Gas

This type of gas is naturally occuring. It is a fossil fuel extracted from deep within the earth. It has no odour or colour, and is formed from the decomposed remains of plants and animals over millions of years. Natural gas is connected to your home through gas pipelines and is metered for use (like electricity).

Benefits of natural gas include:

    • Lower carbon emissions
    • Cheaper running costs
    • High heating capacity
    • Also great fuel option for cooking and hot water



Liquefied petroleum gas, or propane gas, is produced during oil refining or extracted during the natural gas process. Since it is bottled and portable, in order to transport LPG a small amount of pressure is added to form a liquid. This allows it to be stored and transported in cylinders. LPG is often delivered to your home, with the bottles connected to the property via pipes.

Benefits of LPG include:

    • Convenient storage in bottles or cylinders
    • Portable fuel source, for multiple purposes
    • High heat in short timeframe
    • Low running costs


Types of Gas Heaters

There are plenty of options for you when selecting an indoor gas heater. Take into consideration your desired price range, the style of your home, and what sort of gas you have available.

Gas heater options include:

Space heaters: These types of heaters are often affordable and a great option for heating your space without breaking the bank. They are usually compact but produce efficient heat for most homes.

Wall furnaces: Wall mounted gas heaters are a stylish solution for your living space. They can often be fitted to an existing fireplace and premium options will be quiet while emitting heat for greater comfort in your home.

Gas Log fires: If you want the sound and sensation of flickering flame then a gas fireplace is the solution for you. It offers all the draw of an open fire, with no need for wood chopping or any ash or embers to clean up.

Other: You also have gas heating options such as ducted heating or hydronic heating.

Gas Heater Room Size Guide

When considering the right indoor gas heater for your space you need to compare the size of your room, with the kW output of the heater. To make it easy, 1kW heat output will heat roughly 10m2^. Our size guide is included below or you can read more in our Heating Buying Guide.

Room Size KW output Gas Consumption
Small (29-42sqm) 2.9-4.2 kW 13-15 MJ/h
Medium (46-66sqm) 3.4-6.6 kW 18-21 MJ/h
Large (52-82sqm) 5.2-8.2 kW 23+ MJ/h


When it comes to indoor heating, gas is a great choice. Natural Gas and LPG are more affordable to run than electricity and provide powerful, efficient heating for your home. With lower carbon emissions gas heating is a more environmentally friendly option when compared to burning coal for electricity. With plenty of heater options to choose from, invest in an indoor gas heater this winter and keep your family cosy and warm.

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