April 15, 2021

Where to use an Industrial Blow Heater

Industrial blow heaters are a tradie’s best friend throughout winter, especially for those who are working in freezing environments. When winter hits, working in a factory or warehouse can feel like walking around a giant concrete ice cube, it’s not fun for anyone. The good news is, there’s a solution. Bromic has an industrial blow heater for a range of commercial spaces. Not only are they good for comfort, these heaters are also used for drying a site, generating higher temperatures for job sites that require heat or humidity and much more.

Industrial blow heaters have a range of applications. They can be used in factories, warehouses, greenhouses and in outdoor spaces. Why would you use one? Primarily for creating warmth in cold spaces, generating a higher temperature or humidity to optimise plant growth, or to dry a space. Bromic’s industrial blow heaters are fantastic for all of these applications. Depending on the volume of the room you’re needing to heat, some heaters are more appropriate than others. See below for a guide.

What are the different types of industrial blow heaters?

2620401 HF-15 Bromic Heat-Flo™ 15kW LPG-Fired Blow Heater

Blow Heater Heat-Flo 15kW

This heater is good for warming smaller job sites with a minimum room volume of 270m3. It requires a 45kg gas cylinder to run and can go for up to 41 hours. This size would be suitable for a smaller scale factory or warehouse. This Bromic heater weighs 8.5kgs and includes a handle for easy portability around the workspace.

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2620402 HF-20 Bromic Heat-Flo™ 20kW LPG-Fired Blow Heater

Blow Heater Heat-Flo 20kW

This heater is good for warming medium sized job sites with a minimum room volume of 360m3. As with the above model, this too can run off a 45kg gas cylinder. It can go for up to 31 hours. Like the above heater, this one is also a light 8.5kg with a handle for carrying.

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2620403 HF-30 Bromic Heat-Flo™ 30kW LPG-Fired Blow Heater

Blow Heater Heat-Flo 30kW

This heater is most ideal for a space with a minimum room volume of 540m3. This one is capable of heating larger factories and warehouses, however, should not be used in a space smaller than the recommended minimum volume. Given it’s large size, this heater is a sturdy 17.5kg and includes wheels for easy maneuvering in the workspace. It’s large size means it needs to be powered by a bigger gas cylinder – at least 45kg. This heater can run for over 20 hours!

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2620404 HF-50 Bromic Heat-Flo™ 50kW LPG-Fired Blow Heater

Blow Heater Heat-Flo 50kW

This is the largest industrial blow heater that Bromic provides. It weighs a solid 19.5kg and is effective at heating large job sites with a minimum room volume of 900m3. Like the above model, it requires at least a 45kg gas cylinder to power it. This one can run for over 13 hours. For ease of portability, this heater includes wheels.


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Each of the Bromic industrial blow heaters ensure safety as they shut off with loss of flame or power supply. Regardless of the size chosen, each heater maximises heat circulation via the use of heavy-duty, high-output fans and LPG burners, making it a fantastic and efficient heating solution. Tradies should take note of the size of their job site to ensure they’re the best product for their needs. If ever you’re unsure, a Bromic staff member can assist you.

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