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Sievert Fixed Pressure 2 bar Regulator POL

This fixed pressure 2 bar Sievert regulator is made to ensure high quality and long service life while delivering precise pressure. (Available with optional hose failure valve – refer to 1811983)


POL connection

Hose Connection: BSP 3/8″LH

Pressure: 2 bar

Maximum capacity: 6 kg/h

Why use a regulator?
Certain Pro 86/88 burners, such as cyclone burners and most Promatic burners, require a steady pressure of 2 bar to ensure best performance. Other burners can also operate under high pressure, but it is an advantage to be able to stabilise and obtain the same pressure on both warm and cold days. The pressure in an LP-gas cylinder varies with temperature. If the gas output is high, the gas cylinder will be cooled down and the pressure will drop.

Why use a hose failure valve?
A hose failure valve improves safety by cutting off gas flow in case of a hose rupture or gas leak. The hose connection rotates freely on the valve housing, which helps prevent the hose from becoming tangled. (refer to 1811982)


Product Number




Inlet Connection


Outlet Connection

BSP 3/8"LH

Capacity (LPG at 2.8kPa) (MJ/hr / kg/hr)


Working pressure

2 bar

Fuel type




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Sievert Fixed Pressure 2 bar Regulator POL

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