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Sievert Easyjet 2235 Interchangeable Burner Torch

The Easyjet burner from Sievert is a lightweight interchangeable torch for use with 7/16″ connection type.  Developed for DIY applications like soft soldering, loosening bolts, paint stripping, fire lightning. Includes a 16mm diameter standard burner with brush-type flames for all kinds of soft soldering and small heating applications. 70g/h at 1.5 bar gas consumption. This torch is not supplied with a gas cylinder and is recommended for use with our Sievert Powergas Butane / Propane Mix (Product No. 1811610-1).


Piezo trigger on / trigger off ignition blowtorch.

Anti flare even below 0ºC.

A unique 1 bar regulator for cartridge pressure control.

A bayonet interchangeable medium burner, supplied with torch.

Precise flame adjustment.

For use with Sievert Powergas (1811610-1)

Will give a 0.9Kw output

Can solder up to 15mm pipe.

Will fit all EN417 self sealing cartridges.

Compact & lightweight


Product Number



Heating , Soldering, Precision Work

Interchangeable burners


Continuous Flame Lock


Flame Adjustment


Ignition Type



Burner only

Fuel type

Butane, Propane



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