Which blow heater should I choose?

To select the right heater, consider the volume of the room that you require heating. The larger the room, the higher KW output required to heat the room.

ModelMinimum room volume (m3)Heat Output (MJ/h)Airflow (m3/H)
HF1527054 MJ/h (15kW)500
HF2036072 MJ/h (72kW)500
HF30540108 MJ/h (108kW)1000
HF50900170 MJ/h (170kW)1000

Can I use a Heat-Flo ™ Blow Heater with Natural Gas?

Heat-Flo ™ Blow Heaters can only be used with an LPG cylinder and can not be converted for use with Natural Gas.

Which hose is supplied with a Heat-Flo ™ Blow Heater?

Each heater comes with a hose and regulator to connect to a 45kg cylinder. We do not provide any alternatives such as type 27, bayonet, or longer hoses.

Can you change or regulate the temperature on a Heat-Flo™ Blow Heater?

No. Each heater has a set gas input, so there is only 1 flame. If more or less heat is required, we have 4 different sizes available with different gas consumptions.

Why do I have to connect my Heat-Flo™ Blow heater to a 45kg cylinder?

Our blow heaters have been tested and approved to the relevant AS/NZ standards using a 45kg cylinder. Due to compliance factors in place, we would request you follow the instructions mentioned in the manual.

How long will a Heat-Flo™ Tile Heater run on a 45kg LPG cylinder?

Heat-Flo™ Tile Heaters with more tiles generate more heat and therefore use more gas. Below are estimations on how long each heater runs for:

Heat-Flo 3 Tile Heat Deflector (2620162)90hrs
Heat-Flo 3 Tile Heater Surround (2620161)90hrs
Radiant Gas Heater Heat-Flo 3 Tile LPG (2620100-1)90hrs
Heat-Flo 5 Tile Heater Surround (2620172)50hrs

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